Bruister & Associates – Overtime Pay Lawsuit for DirecTV Satellite Installers

Bruister & Associates (Bruister) contracts with DirecTV to install and service DirecTV Satellite systems.  We currently represent a group of installers (POV and COV), service technicians and field trainers who worked for Bruister.  These employees filed a lawsuit against Bruister to recover unpaid overtime wages.

The employees allege that Bruister requires them to work off the clock without compensation.  That is, Bruister requires them to work hours that are unrecorded and unpaid.  These hours include time performing the following duties:

  • Pre-Calling customers
  • Planning their daily Route
  • Cleaning and Maintaining their Vans
  • Traveling to their first job of the day
  • Traveling from their last job of the day
  • Traveling between jobs during the workday
  • Taking Inventory and Re-Stocking their Vans
  • Attending meetings
  • Completing Paperwork

In addition, these employees claim that when Bruister did pay overtime it was paid at an artificially low rate not the rate required by federal law.

We are currently accepting clients who work for Bruister or who have worked for Bruister at any time since August 10, 2005.  If you have worked for Bruister during that time, please contact us by email, or toll free, for a free, confidential consultation.  Be sure to mention the Bruister Overtime Pay Lawsuit.

We are also looking for any current or former employees of Bruister and Associates willing to provide information as a witness in this case.  Unfortunately, if you are a current management level employee of Bruister and Associates we cannot speak with you about this lawsuit. 

We are also currently investigating Race Discrimination claims against Bruister.




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