Bruister Claims

Examples of policies and practices that Plaintiffs’ allege resulted in unpaid wages include:

  • Bruister has a general policy against paying Employees overtime hours.
  • Bruister does not begin to pay Employees from their first principal activity to their last principal activity as required by law (principal activities include route planning, pre-calling, paperwork and vehicle cleaning and maintenance). 
  • Bruister does not pay Employees for travel time between job assignments.
  • Bruister requires Employees to plain their daily routes and pre-call customers from the Employees home off the clock without compensation.
  • Bruister requires Employees to report to the area office for meetings and in order to pick up equipment but does not compensate Employees for this work time.
  • Bruister requires Employees to clean the interior and exterior of their vans without pay and without reimbursement for cleaning related expenses.
  • Bruister requires Employees to pay, without reimbursement, for tools of the trade, such as hammers, wrenches, tape, etc. used for Bruister’s benefit, these payments result in Employees earning less than the required minimum wage.
  • Bruister does not pay Employees for all hours worked; rather, Bruister shaves time off Employee’s time records.
  • When Bruister does pay Employees overtime, it does not pay for all overtime hours worked and does not pay overtime at the proper rate(s).
  • Bruister’s “production” based hourly pay system violates the law by reducing the Employees hourly rate as the number of hours worked increases and by failing to pay for nonproductive time.


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