Bruister Lawsuit FAQ


What is the lawsuit about?
Bruister workers are suing to recover unpaid wages.  These workers allege that Bruister willfully violated the federal wage law known as the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Learn More. 

Who Can Join?
All current and former Technicians, Installers (POV and COV) and/or hourly Field Trainers who worked for Bruister and Associates, Inc at any time since April 16, 2004. 

How Do I Join?
You must sign and return the “Consent to Become Party Plaintiff” on or before June 20, 2008 to:

Charles P. Yezbak
Yezbak Law Offices
PO Box 159033
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: (615) 250-2000
Fax: (615) 250-2020

What Happens If I Join?
You will be bound by the result of the lawsuit, whether favorable or unfavorable.  By joining this lawsuit, you will designate the class representatives as your agents for purposes of this lawsuit. They will be authorized to make decisions on your behalf concerning all aspects of the lawsuit.

Will I Have My Own Lawyer?
By joining the lawsuit, Charles P. Yezbak will become your attorney, and you will be entitled to communicate with, provide input and receive advice directly from him.

What Does It Cost to Join?
If there is no recovery, you pay nothing.  If there is a recovery, the attorneys for the class will be paid a portion of the settlement obtained or money judgment awarded by the jury or the Court.

What Happens If I Don’t Join?
If you choose not to join this lawsuit, you will not be affected by any decisions, judgments or settlement rendered in this case, whether favorable or unfavorable to the class. 

Where Can I Learn More?
You can read the Notice of Lawsuit approved by the Court.  You can contact us with any specific questions through email or by calling 615-250-2000. 

Yezbak Law Offices • Nashville, Tennessee 37215 • 615-250-2000 • 877-250-3906