The Cheesecake Factory Minimum Wage and Overtime Lawsuit

We represent a group of current and former servers for The Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain.  The servers filed a lawsuit alleging that The Cheesecake Factory violated the federal minimum wage and overtime laws (FLSA).  The servers allege that:

  • Servers are required to purchase white non-slip shoes from the Shoes for Crews catalog.  The cost of the shoes was deducted from Servers paycheck.
  • Servers are required to purchase uniforms, including white shirt, white pants, and ties.
  • Servers are required to wash and iron their uniforms and pass a uniform check prior to shift.
  • Servers are charged $10 or more for computer swipe card if lost or forgotten. 
  • Servers are required or allowed to perform "off the clock" work without compensation, including: attending pre-shift alignment meetings; arriving at work up to 15 minutes early despite being allowed to clock in only three minutes before the scheduled start time; and clean up work at the end of a shift.  
  • Servers must buy replacement aprons and Cheesecake Factory logo shirts.
  • Servers must purchase black book to take customer orders.

We are currently accepting clients who worked as a server at any Cheesecake Factory restaurant since August 2003.  If you have worked as a server during that time period, please contact us for a free, confidential consultation by email or telephone.  Be sure to mention The Cheesecake Factory Lawsuit.

We are also looking for any current or former employees of The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant chain willing to provide information as a witness in this case.  Unfortunately, if you are a current management level employee of The Cheesecake Factory we cannot speak with you about this lawsuit.  Current management level employees may, however, contact us for a free, confidential consultation about their own employment rights. 


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